Apart from learning we also
want to have some fun

We organise outings and bicycle tours every year:

Fabulous scenery at Rhododendron blossoming
in Jeli Arboretum

After a round trip at Fonyód

We looked the breathtaking Fonyód views.

A beautiful day at Szigliget

...and a lively party in the "MOBILITAS" afterwards. ...

Excursion to Kisbalaton




Enjoying nature and a great picnick …


Keszthelyi-hegység, Szentgyörgy-hegy, Badacsony



Tours not only on two legs,
but on four legs too…






We never cease to be enthralled by the beautiful countryside…


Keszthely – Fonyód – Balatonlelle – Keszthely





Exploring the splendour of the Balaton region.




It is so nice to be together, to laugh together,
and be out in the open air.




We are always happy to welcome new touring friends.!!